Sam & Grace

Our Love Story - Grace and I met down at Mollymook on the South Coast when I was visiting a mutual friend who introduced me to Grace. I think once we found out that we were both from the same country town in Albury Wondonga it certainly got things kicking off!

Proposal - We were in Bali at a beach club resort right on the beach with a bunch of friends. We took our 18 month old daughter Goldie with us and I wanted her to play a part. I took her down to the shore to play and then waved to Grace to come down. As Grace slowly walked over I gave the ring to Goldie her ran up to Grace and handed it to her and needless to say there were tears all round and big celebrations to be had with all our friends.

Ring Choice - A custom made and designed Marquise wrap ring - 2ct centre stone and 2.6mm large diamonds on the band.

Why we love Deltora Diamonds - Mel you're a legend what I can say, it looks amazing - THANK-YOU! Sending all my friends your way.