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Our exquisite selection of diamond engagement ring settings allows you to tailor your ring to perfection.

Our in house expert gemologists will show you a personalised selection of diamonds in your desired diamond shape, carat weight, and precious metal.

All our diamond jewellery is expertly crafted in Australia, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail and comes with a lifetime manufacturing warranty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Deltora Diamonds

Why Choose Deltora Diamonds?

Founded in 2020 by internationally qualified diamond expert Melissa Trafford-Jones, Deltora Diamonds is on a mission to make big diamonds and beautiful jewellery accessible to all women.

A global brand, we have showrooms in the Australian cities Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane by appointment and offer a Try @ Home kit for those who live overseas or other parts of Australia. We can work with you wherever you are.

Our team of diamond experts knows that most people don’t buy diamonds very often. So we make the experience seriously special. Your personal diamond concierge works with you every step of the way.

We educate you to make an informed choice about your perfect stone for any style and every budget.

And Deltora Diamonds aren’t just for ‘I do’ days. Our stunning, ever-evolving range of contemporary fine jewellery is big on bling and value, with classic and contemporary styles for men and women.

How do I get Deltora Diamonds to create my ring or jewellery piece?

Simply book an appointment in studio or virtually or reach out on our live chat to get started. Of course you could go the old fashioned route and use email or phone !!

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What is the Deltora Diamonds Process?

We believe that designing your “lifetime” ring or custom piece should be as easy as it is enjoyable. Our bespoke process ensures that each step is seamless and most of all an exceptional experience - the way it should be.

To ensure this, you will be introduced to your personal diamond concierge as soon as you get in contact who will be working alongside you throughout your journey with Deltora.

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Why can’t I buy a ring and diamond from your website?

Every ring at Deltora Diamonds is custom made, diamonds are chosen in consultation with your personal diamond concierge to suit your style preferences and budget. 

When you browse our engagement ring settings on our website you will notice the price for the setting. You can then make an enquiry about that particular setting or book an appointment with your concierge who will curate for you a selection of diamonds.

Saying that, we have launched a collection of ready to go rings with diamonds chosen by our CEO Melissa Trafford-Jones. For those who know what they want and need the ring asap, you can trust that we have selected the best of the best diamonds for these rings.

Why doesn’t Deltora publicly list diamonds?

Put simply its not a smart way to buy diamonds. You need a trained eye to stringently assess each and every diamond to ensure you're getting the absolute best for your budget. 

If you tell us that your dream diamond is a 3.5ct Elongated Cushion cut then our mission is to present you with the best of the best options from around the world, not give you a list of 350,000 possible options and expect you to decide for yourself. That makes no sense to us. Plus we have very stringent QA policies. Every diamonds is double checked by our GIA certified Diamond Grader in our Hong Kong Office before it makes its way into our workshop in Australia. We will reject a diamond if it doesn’t meet our standards.

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Where do Deltora Diamonds get their diamonds from?

Our suppliers are the best labs in the world. We have excellent relationships with the growers and cutters and talk to them on a regular basis. They are based in the USA, Israel, United Kingdom, Canada, China and India.

Because our relationships are strong we are able to bargain for better prices, get more video and images and hold diamonds for our clients, this you can not do on a list.

Lab Grown Diamonds

How are lab grown diamonds made? 

There are two primary methods for growing lab-grown diamonds: High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD).

HPHT was the original growth method used by General Electric in 1956 and today still exists however it produces Type 11  diamonds. It involves placing a tiny diamond seed into a small capsule with carbon source material and a metal catalyst, then subjecting it to high pressure and high temperature conditions similar to those found in the Earth's mantle. Over time, the carbon material crystallises around the seed, forming a larger diamond.

CVD is a more innovative method and produces Type11A diamonds which is the most pure perfect diamond. Only 2% of the worlds mined diamonds are classified type11A for their purity.  This growth method involves placing a diamond seed into a vacuum chamber filled with a mixture of gases, typically methane and hydrogen. The gases are ionised and broken down into their constituent atoms, which then settle onto the diamond seed, layer by layer, eventually creating a larger diamond.

Both methods produce diamonds that are visually and chemically identical to natural diamonds. The choice of method depends on the desired size, quality, and application of the lab-grown diamond.

At Deltora Diamonds we recommend CVD grown diamonds.  

How do lab-grown diamonds differ from mined diamonds?

The only difference between a lab grown and earth grown diamond is its origin. They are chemically. optically and physically the same.

Stephen Morisseau – Gemological Institute of America states “Lab diamonds are not fakes. They’re not cubic zirconias. They have all the same physical and chemical properties of a mined diamond"

Natural or mined diamonds are formed over millions of years deep within the Earth's mantle under extreme heat and pressure. Lab-grown diamonds, on the other hand, are created in a lab environment that simulates the conditions found in the Earth's mantle.

Lab-grown diamonds can be created with a higher level of quality control than natural diamonds, which can have flaws or impurities. Lab-grown diamonds are also more consistent in terms of colour and clarity.

Why are lab grown diamonds more affordable than natural diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are 40-70% less expensive than mined diamonds, allowing you to get a bigger better quality diamond. 

Lab-grown diamonds are made in a controlled environment using advanced technology, which reduces the production cost and time significantly compared to natural diamonds, which require mining, extraction, and refining processes.

More time and more labour is required to mine earth grown diamonds and there is a price on that as it has to pass through more hands before it gets to you.

Additionally, the supply chain for lab-grown diamonds is shorter and less complex than that of natural diamonds, which further reduces the price. Overall, the technological advancements in the production of lab-grown diamonds have made them a more affordable and sustainable option for those looking for a diamond.

How do I choose a lab-grown diamond?

Lab Grown Diamonds are classified in the same way that Mined stones are - The 4C’s. 

We only advise buying a certified stone however there is a lot more to a diamond than just what is on the certificate and thats why we suggest working closely with a diamond expert like a Deltora Diamonds concierge.

We stringently assess hundreds of diamonds before presenting you with our three favourite options in terms of quality, size and value for your budget.

We look at ratios, shadowing causing light leakage and lack of sparkle. You won’t see these things on a certificate or an online list. 

There are some diamond growers who are growing diamonds quickly and cheaply and these are getting sold online to unsuspecting customers. Premium lab diamonds are grown over a matter months not weeks.

If the price is cheap there is a reason for it. Buyer Beware.

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Are lab diamonds rare?

IN fact yes, we don’t just turn on a machine and out pops a purely flawless 5 carat beauty. IN fact the lab diamonds in existence are a small fraction of the amount of mined diamonds currently in the market.

Diamond shapes are cut based on the market demand so if lots of people are wanting ovals then the labs will be cutting more ovals. The price will fluctuate with supply and demand. It is very rare to find a D colour Internally Flawless lab grown stone as it is a mined one. This is again why its important to work with a trusted diamond expert and not buy diamonds off a list. At Deltora Diamonds we use our close relationships with suppliers to source diamonds from across the globe. And if the diamond you are looking for doesn’t exist then we can grow it and cut to order.

Are lab diamonds ethical and sustainable?

Historically, the mining of diamonds has created major human rights issues. Lab diamonds have provenance. You know the origin, history and authenticity when buying a Lab diamond from Deltora Diamonds. Our lab diamonds are created in high tech laboratories and hold unquestionable provenance with no impact on humanity.

Mining for diamonds impacts the environment. It can result in land degradation and soil erosion detrimental to the local environment.

Growing a diamond in a lab setting with abundantly available carbon and renewable energy has a low impact on the environment with little to no harm to ecosystems or wildlife.

Growing diamonds is certainly energy intensive but the impact on the Earth to grow lab diamonds is a fraction of the impact of diamond mining. Man-made diamonds are driving positive change within the entire diamond industry by making people and companies accountable to our environment.

Our diamonds have no carbon emission, and cause no damage to the surface of the Earth. We only source our lab diamonds from renewable foundries. They are the responsible choice.