From Halo to Diamond Ring Bezel Settings ...A Complete Guide

The journey to find the perfect engagement ring is a thrilling and meaningful adventure, filled with choices that will forever symbolise the love and commitment shared between two individuals. The choice of engagement ring setting, is a pivotal element that not only secures the diamond  but also defines the ring's character and style.

In our exploration of engagement ring settings, we delve into a world of craftsmanship, style, and personal expression. Choosing the right setting involves navigating through a myriad of options, each with its own unique charm and significance.

Whether you're drawn to the classic brilliance of a simple prong setting or the modern allure of a diamond ring bezel setting, our guide is crafted to highlight the path toward a ring that encapsulates your love story.

The Solitaire Ring Setting: A Timeless Sophistication

Solitaire ring setting stands as the epitome of timeless sophistication, and  represents the most common and classic engagement ring setting.

This iconic design showcases a singular, breathtaking diamond, cradled in place by petite metal prongs along the edges secure.

The brilliance of the solitaire lies in its simplicity. With a focus on minimalism, the metal prongs serve as delicate guardians, allowing the centre stone to be the main feature. This setting is a true celebration of the diamond or gemstone's inherent charm and sparkle.

The modern adaptation is a floating solitaire, a ring setting that takes this classic design to new heights. The artistry lies in the illusion created by the barely-there prongs, giving the impression that the stone is suspended in mid-air. This not only maximises the stone's visibility but also enhances its exposure to light from all angles, resulting in a mesmerising play of reflections and refractions.

The Bezel Ring Setting: Sleek and Modern

A diamond ring Bezel setting is a modern masterpiece, its sophisticated arrangement and sleek metal rim elegantly encircles the stone, securing it with a seamless embrace.

This contemporary setting not only adds a distinctive touch to the overall aesthetic but also boasts exceptional functionality, making it an excellent choice for individuals leading active lifestyles.

What sets the Bezel setting apart is its emphasis on security, the encircling metal rim provides a protective barrier around the gem, ensuring a snug fit that minimises the risk of accidental damage or displacement. 

This setting not only complements various diamond or gemstone shapes but also allows for creative customisation, adding a touch of personalisation to the overall design.

Diamond Ring Bezel Setting

Pavé Ring Setting: Extra touch of Sparkle

The Pavé ring setting, a dazzling testament that transforms an engagement ring into a radiant masterpiece. This sparkling arrangement features numerous small stones,  meticulously set closely together to create a breathtakingly intricate surface that sparkles with an unparalleled brilliance. 

This ring setting is a celebration of intricacy and attention to detail. Each small stone is carefully nestled alongside its counterparts, forming a continuous and seamless surface. The closely packed stones not only maximise the overall sparkle but also create a mesmerising play of light, enhancing the allure of the entire ring. Beyond its visual impact, the Pavé ring setting allows for creative expression. From full Pavé bands to delicate accents along the ring's shoulders, this setting offers a versatile canvas for customisation. 

Diamond Ring Pavé Setting

The Trilogy Ring Setting: Classic Harmony

The Trilogy or Three-Stone setting, a symbol  of timeless elegance, featuring a larger central stone as a focal point that represents the present moment, flanked by two smaller stones on either side, signifying the cherished chapters of the past and the promising moments yet to unfold in the future.

This symbolic arrangement creates a harmonious balance of aesthetic beauty and meaningful representation. The central stone takes the focus, radiating its brilliance as a poignant symbol of the current love shared between two individuals.

Beyond its symbolic resonance, the Trilogy setting possesses an innate versatility. The arrangement of three stones allows for creative variations, enabling a seamless blend of different shapes, sizes, and even gemstone types. This adaptability makes the Trilogy setting an ideal choice for those seeking a personalised touch that reflects the unique journey the couple.

Diamond Ring Trilogy Setting

The Halo setting Ring Setting : Glamour and opulence

The Halo ring setting, an epitome of glamour and opulence, showcases an alluring composition that effortlessly commands attention. This design features a central stone enveloped by a celestial "halo" of smaller stones, allowing this arrangement to not only elevate the overall size of the central stone but also magnifies its inherent sparkle. Thus, this ring setting creates an engagement ring that transcends mere adornment and becomes a captivating statement of enduring love.

Glamorous and impactful, the Halo setting is designed for those who desire an engagement ring that makes a bold and unforgettable statement. It embodies a perfect fusion of vintage charm and contemporary allure, capturing the essence of timeless romance with a touch of Hollywood glamour. Whether showcasing a classic round-cut diamond or embracing the distinctive beauty of a coloured gemstone, the Halo setting adds an extra layer of sophistication to the ring, ensuring it becomes a symbol of both style and sentiment.

Diamond Ring Halo Setting

The Cigar Ring Setting: Bold and Contemporary

Our thick band engagement rings offer a bold and modern adaptation of the classic engagement ring. This ring setting highlights a commitment to both style and substance. The thickness of the band becomes a canvas for personalisation, allowing for unique engravings or the incorporation of additional gemstones. This bespoke approach ensures that each ring becomes a reflection of individual taste and commitment it represents.

Cigar Ring Setting

The Two Stone Ring Setting: Toi et Moi

The "Toi et Moi" engagement ring setting features two gemstones or diamonds set side by side, symbolising the union of two souls.

This distinctive design creates a romantic and meaningful aesthetic, often with each stone representing the individuals in the relationship. The gems can be of equal or different sizes and various shapes, making the Toi et Moi setting a sentimental and unique choice for expressing enduring love and unity in an engagement ring.

Two Stone Ring Setting


The Journey To The Perfect Ring

Engagement ring selection is a deeply personal journey.

The setting plays a key role in defining the ring's style and ensuring diamond security.

Choices made symbolize love and commitment between partners.

Diamond Ring Bezel Setting

Bezel setting features a modern, sleek design with a metal rim encircling the diamond.

Known for exceptional security, ideal for active lifestyles due to its snug fit and minimal damage risk.

Offers versatility and customization, enhancing personal expression with clean lines.

Solitaire Setting - Timeless Elegance

Solitaire setting is celebrated for its simplicity, highlighting a single diamond with prongs.

Focuses on the diamond's natural beauty, making it the centerpiece.

Modern variations like the floating solitaire create an illusion of the diamond suspended, enhancing its brilliance.

Pavé Setting - Sparkling Sophistication:

Pavé setting features small diamonds set closely together for a sparkling effect.

Showcases intricate craftsmanship and allows for creative customization.

Enhances the ring's allure with a continuous, dazzling surface of diamonds.

Trilogy Setting - Symbolic Significance

Trilogy setting with three stones symbolizes a relationship's past, present, and future.

Offers versatility with different stone shapes and sizes for personalisation.

Reflects a couple's unique journey, making it a meaningful choice.

Halo Setting - Opulent Glamour

Halo setting surrounds the central stone with a ring of smaller diamonds, enhancing its size and sparkle.

Combines vintage charm with contemporary allure for a glamorous look.

Creates a statement piece that embodies timeless romance and elegance.

Cigar Band Setting - Bold Modernity

Features a thick band, providing a broad canvas for unique customization options.

Allows for personal touches like engravings or additional gemstones.

Reflects individual tastes and commitment, offering a modern take on engagement rings.

Two Stone Setting - Toi et Moi Romance

"Toi et Moi" setting features two side-by-side stones representing the union of two individuals.

Allows for a combination of different sizes and shapes, adding uniqueness.

Symbolises love and unity, making it a romantic and meaningful choice for engagement rings.

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