Not all diamonds are created equal, whether mined or laboratory grown and that is what makes them so unique and special.

When purchasing a lab diamond you start by analysing the 4C’s – Cut, Clarity, Carat and Colour – these are the globally accepted standards in assessing the quality of a diamond whether it be Laboratory grown or Mined. GIA and IGI are the biggest certifiers of both mined and lab diamonds. All Deltora Diamonds come with certification from either of these governing bodies.

So apart from the 4C’s what else should I be looking for?
There are other elements that you may not be aware of that can effect a diamonds sparkle, make it seem dull or give unnatural colour tones. That is why at Deltora Diamonds, our Lab Diamond Experts stringently assess each diamond before we accept them to present to you.

Your Deltora Diamond Consultant will be looking for aspects in the diamond like:
Bow Ties – these will create a dark shadow across the centre of the diamond.
Crystal Material – will look like a wisp throughout the diamond.
Unnatural Tones – due to colour treatments or other metal impurities that can make the white seem grey or yellow.
Bluish Nuance – A bluish tinge to a lab diamond comes about because boron is often introduced during HPHT growth as a way to remove nitrogen. However removing boron after it has been introduced is very challenging and expensive. Hence, excess boron can be a sign of a grower taking short cuts to try and grow quickly, but not well. Unfortunately the way diamonds are graded, the colour grading process doesn’t pick up on Blue nuances and only grades into yellow. Beware that just because a lab diamond has been graded a D colour doesn’t mean that it won’t have a whitish bluish tinge to it. We like to avoid these lab diamonds and that is why our lab experts inspect each and every diamond.

These are just a few of the reasons why we fail some of the lab diamonds that we review. The truth is that you need to look out for more than just the 4C’s and that is why you need one of our experts to provide you with a carefully curated list that has been stringently reviewed to ensure it truly is the best stone for your budget.